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Travelling in this lonely planet is somewhat full of solitary confinement, wrapped around...thanks God,He created friends..they help shape who we are.
They guide us into discovering all the things that make us unique.I can't imagine myself without a friend..Friends are really hard to find in this lonely world now a days.. Most of us have had a good friend or two during different stages on our lives.Recall the times of your life when you made special friendships...well, I have lots of them but I can count on numbers that are truly there, though distance sometimes separate us yet it always connect the moments that molds the yesteryears I had with them. Some may not be considerably as close or dear ones but they're just there when you call them on SOS. According to Zenaida Amador one of the founders and an active director of Repertory Philippines "If we could pour the contents of our lives into a measuring cup, I wonder if we can then gauge better how much of the happiness there is due to the fact that we have good friends." "Friends are indeed a necessity.Nobody would choose things in life.People who are poor and unhappy need friends because in times of difficulty, friends seem to be their only refuge. Aristotle says there are three kinds of friendships.First, the friendship of utility when friends care for each other only in so far as they can derive benefits from each other.Second, is the friendship of pleasure.Some people are bound together because they find each other pleasant and the company pleasurably. Of course, we dont need Aristotle to tell us what a good man is.Our hearts are quite enough to recognize goodness of a friend.
Wikipedia.org define friends; A friend is a person on whom you can confidently rely to help pull you through the hard times, and hold you accountable for your actions. A friend is loyal, and a brother is born in a time of need. A friend will not judge you for who you are, but they will help you to grow in life. Which is honestly true...Good thing that I have them and loves me for being what I am the simply being me.These are the pix I collected just to show that they are my friends...some of my friends aren't in these pix but I'll try to post them in here..

Ibea Perdon....an exotic pal.....isn't she?

helen....songbird of the 17th batch missionary.....I'm proud of her

France.....another close pal

Benjamin....not just a friendster from England but a dear buddy

Another group of English majors...wearing the dark shirt is Jack a bosom pal

My buddies from English Dept.

Roselle....a fella missionary

Aldwin..my cousin and childhood pal

Bambi...a childhood pal

Jen...a fellow missionary and a true pal

Ryan..fellow missionary and a close buddy

Shie and Jake are one of a kind dear pals

A distant buddy Chey..but she prefer to look like this

Kartini Mansmoor...a foreign pal from North Irian Jaya...

Rancee....a dear pal who always willing to help

Amiel..a close buddy with a very extra ordinary talent in writing

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