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January 13 was the second Saturday of the month. The interns of the College of Education (included me) were scheduled at AIIAS Tagalog church with our Dean. We led out the AY program, as it was prepared.
AIIAS tagalog church had frivolously improved such a small nothing to a pompous extravagant one. I love so much the structural design of the church.Tainted glasses at both sides and photographic transparency up high at the pulpit which give a panting breath to the congregation.
My Sabbath could have been so piously perfect if it weren't so of my health condition.However, God has been so good to me after all, the pain was manage ably tolerable as I was able to smile and extended my handshake for greetings. Sad to say, I hesitate to participate 'coz of my plight on that day. The whole day was being inspired by a fiery message of Pastor Gulfan Jr. the President of the Adventist churches in Southeast Asian territory.That was my first time to see him again, after ages. He might not recognize me at all but his one of the fave speakers I have met.
He never change just as the same humble Pastor I met way back then. The group was enjoying as well and most of all, the exciting part was the Potluck.The foods were so palatable and mostly served vegetarians.
I just thank the church where I am today because of the health practices that we have which strictly implemented, as I must say. There could have no other day that makes me so holy and just.....that's Sabbath day...which is the Lord's Day.

These are my colleagues

Interns meeting...........

With our Dean..wearing the blue sleeve
Just showing off our teeth...

Inside our van headed to AIIAS Tagalog Church

A living dead trying to scare me....sorry I wasn't scared..

exotic ladies in my time....

what are we doing Jack???

was my tummy protruding? was a very sun shiny day...

Hearty potluck......I'm wearing yellow jacket.

AIIAS tagalog church with the Educators of today

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