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Week end holidays or rest is a great balm for the weary both soul and physical......Well, I went out this previous week for a great youth oriented retreat in Lemery Batangas.
My other family of small group in school conducted a very one of a kind unforgettable retreat in Bible Base Camp, Lemery Batangas for three days.
As an active Elite Ministry member, I could not refuse but restlessly excited to experience the warm impact for youth to youth fellowship.
The theme of the retreat was Fusion/Ignite - Fusion is to be reunited or coalition between youth from the othet places including the non SDA students in school and Ignite to be flamely inspired to work in God's cause.
Lemery Batangas was just two hours drive away from the school.Before, you'll reach the place, scenic views of the high ways were the usual picturesque spots that you'll see as you travel down to Lemery Batangas.
We left school friday afternoon, bus-filled with the first batch who joined the retreat included foreigners from Indonesia, Palau, Guam and Africans. The site wasn't splendidly representations of a usual resort that gives you a panting breath but a very provincial,yet, simple camp site.
It was called Bible Base Camp of CBCF-owned by a groups of Christian churches in Batangas. Located at the bay side, with 20 rooms capacity of 12 occupants and 3 rooms for the staff fully aircondition.It has volleyball area, spacious chapel and a cafeteria.
Tranquility and peacefulness was the top I like most of the place.Beautiful sunset at the beach area is the perfect view representation of the place.
I met and gained a lot of friends from my school whom I never meet along the campus itself.Groupings, suggesting ideas for the improvement of the Religious small groups was among the program.
Of course, spiritual rejuvenations for youth was the main purpose of the retreat.YOung christians of today needs spiritual nourishment to fatten our future workers so that when they get out and see the real world they will be spiritually equip to face the challenge of this lonely world.

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