By Eric - 6:49 PM

Posted at last Friday, Sep 8, 2006

Honestly, I dont have any idea whats blog is all about.Before blogging has come to existence..I already had my own website which I created for three years...gee...imagine three years.
There was no internet before in my younger years..there might have, but it was only intended for aristocratic homo sapiensUntil , I read several sites and messages about blog so I decided to post one. Got an idea now,Web logs" now called "blogs" are personal or group journals published on the Web. Blogs are a great way to communicate your opinions, comment on things going on in your life, keep your visitors up to date on what you are up to, or talk about other issues of interest to your users.
In addition, blogs allow your users to comment and discuss what you write, all on your current site! Plus, as a blog user, you can comment on other blogs as well! Don't forget to add your profile.In other words, its a substitute for the traditional one which is Diary.Honestly, I dont have any idea whats blog is all about.
Eventually, I already made one just a couple of months now but I thought of creating a new one and transferred them here. Next time, I will post a new one.I am quite exhausted due to my insomia.

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