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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Photo Diary: Holiday - Ministry Trip

Holiday Ministry Trip: December 19 - December 26, 2016
The Karen people are an ethnic group living in South-East Asia. Politically the Karen tribe who are in the eastern part of Burma, are being persecuted & harassed by the Burmese military, that forced the Karen to escape and live at the most outskirt part of the eastern side and on the border of Thailand. There are about 140,000 Karen refugees living in camps in Thailand.

Some of the photos here were taken through the lens of my iPhone. My regrets went out when I saw the excellent results of its photography.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Photo Diary: Long Weekend Holiday in Pattaya

Last week ago, I went down to the southern central part of Thailand, like an hour away from Bangkok with my church-mates. I thank God for the long weekend holiday in Thailand - with that we bonded as church and we managed to go around the touristy places of Pattaya which I had never been to before.
When I travel, I always have my camera with me but on this trip, I failed to bring my cam for no reason. Nevertheless, I used my new toy (iPhone 6S Plus) while acquainting myself of this iPhone thing and practicing of taking photos using iPhone's cam.