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Monday, October 03, 2016

Photo Diary: Jaunting Around the Island of Siquijor

It's been a month that I was not around just to refurbish my blog. My life was in the center for loss and transition. I felt so darn lazy to think of what I was gonna post here, since my father passed away last August. I had no other in mind then but to go home in the Philippines and settle there for good. There I was, struggling so hard to cope the pain of loss.
 I believed the cause of my father's death  was he couldn't held anymore the loneliness he felt without my mother around. I fell into despair when my mother died & the death of my father too has deeply contributed to me falling deeper into depression.
A week after of my father's burial, I come to a decision of wandering around the island of Siquijor. I hired a guy to drive me everywhere with a friend who served as my tour guide. It was definitely a relief, and liberation of pain temporarily.
The island is truly blessed with so much beauty that magnetizes both the local and foreign visitors. It was pretty hot when we went all over the island but pleasing so to speak. To prove that I genuinely went around, here are some of the pictures that I took, verifying that Siquijor is a beauty.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Unbearable Pain of Loss Upon Death of My Parents

It took me more than a month to come back and dish out a specific topic to post. Life has been so cruelly hard and unfair since last year of September when my mother died.
Honest to goodness, I haven't completely adjusted of her death maybe it's because I didn't get the chance of talking & seeing her since I left home to work abroad. And that was the most torturing part of my life then...I was caught off guard of her sudden death.
Eleven months after, another member of the family died. A heart breaking news came when I was informed that my uncle died (an oldest brother of my mother).
Two weeks after, my world started to collapse again when a bad report came about my father. He was unconsciously admitted to the hospital  due to hypertension. And from then on, he didn't wake up but could constantly moving his body.
As the days getting longer, no signs of hope at all that he could be revived. Surprisingly, the day that I hated much came. From then on, I became so bland and hopeless.
That's when I knew that I am already ALONE and turned out to be so LONELY.
After the interment, everything back to normal as if nothings happen, where everyone had to go back to their usual life. My niece, who grew up under my parents care decided to leave and be with her husband in the capital city - prolly, because of sadness too.
When the final time came that everyone had to leave, back to their respective places, I suddenly felt so all ALONE and LONELY. I felt like being trapped in an empty room looking for something.
I became so helpless, unfocused, and undetermined. Days and nights have been a bed of weeping.
I am back in Thailand now working to a new school trying to make ends meet and adapting to a new pace of life. Adjusting is among of the demands in life that I hated most.
Right now, the need to put myself in a fine-tune footing of being alone & solo is another chapter of my life which I have to get use to.
If I were to decide now, all I ever wanted is to go home and be in my home place with my kin and friends. My heart earnestly longs for home, I guess this is the saying truly say; " There's No Place Like Home, Sweet Home."

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Photo Blog: Revisiting Wat Pho

It took me another countless days to post in here. So many things happened...I lost my job, because I resigned due to some complicated issue which was not really an issue worth to tackle and brought about. But sometimes people tend to exaggerate the story and make it so complicated it is.
Herewith, are the common sights that you'd see around Wat Pho which I took using my Samsung android J7.
I didn't expect that i would be dropping by here for the 4th time.