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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Reposting: Photo Diary - Puerto Rico

I got these photo collections from a fashion blogger called I AM GALLA. Been a fan and follower of this guy since I started discovering his blog a couple of years now.
Apart from sharing his unique and classy style in clothing, he sets time to travel and see the world, which I truly like because I am a backpacker myself and a trying hard metro-sexual.
Honestly, I didn't ask permission from this guy since it would be taken him to read my mail for sure since he has a bunch of followers and blog readers.
This guy has truly a good taste in clothing and I love his style with the hope I could easily carry myself the way he does.
So much talking, here are the photos of Puerto Rico among of the countries in the Caribbean that I'd love to see one day.

Disclaimer: Photos taken from I AM GALLA, do check it out.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

A Day Trip To The Ruins of Ayutthaya

We managed to squeeze in a day trip to Ayutthaya - Thailand's Old City, amidst of the bad weather. However, the weather has been kind to us. Astonished by the photos of the ruins, we were determined to take photos to the best we can and explore it's ancient treasure.
I have been longing to see this old ruins of Thailand's second capital city before they had finally moved it to Bangkok.
Time had eaten out our schedule to check the head of a Buddha's head being galloped by an ancient tree. I might come back and indulge the freedom of enjoying the moment's of checking those other ruins.
We hadn't seen some of the relics but I might scheduling myself of going there one day.