Thursday, April 01, 2021

Photo Blog: Home Part 2

Where do I start, I know it's been an exceptionally significant time frame since I've posted. In the last post, I had been sharing about local celebrities' fave scents. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I started to feel the nostalgia for going home. I have no other desire this time to stay longer, neither of traveling overseas but to go home.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Photo Blog: Home

While I am fulfilling my dream of working overseas, working in Thailand was not a desired one. However, I am just taking the advantage of enjoying it to the max, so as traveling the nearby Asian neighbors. But my favorite part of every trip is always coming HOME.
As an old saying says: "There's no place like home, sweet home."

Disclaimer: I don't own the photos posted here, the owners deserved to be recognized but I failed                          to get their names. (some pics were taken from Day Dream Philippines - vlog)

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Local Celebrity Fave Scents: Bea Alonzo's Collections

They express that if they need to become more acquainted with somebody without posing such a large number of inquiries, ask them what their #1 scent is. It'll disclose to you more about their character more than anything, and you'd get a decent scent suggestion while you're grinding away. Considering that, I took things a step higher and keep on researching the local celebs fave scents to uncover their particular aroma. Below, is Bea Alonzo's scent collections as she uncovered her faves in her vlog.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Photo Blog: Khao Yai - Thailand

A Little Taste of Europe in Thailand

Europe is the most desired and travel destination of every Asian, even (many) European themselves. Vibes in Europe is totally different from other places in the world, one of that is being a romantic place. For some, traveling to Europe is not always that easy, especially if the budget is tight. Traveling to Europe really cost you an arm and a leg, because been there once!
Thankfully, there are a few spots in Thailand that are doing extraordinary in reproducing European-style structures, yet additionally, European vibes that will cause guests to feel like it's Europe. Who says you need to go far to encounter it all?
My companions and I chose to traipse in close by places since it's a long end of the week, till we arrive at the Tuscany town in Khao Yai. 
I've been to the external piece of Tuscany town in Khao Yai, yet I never been inside. At the point when we headed inside, I was wondered about how delightful the spot was. The photos underneath demonstrated how they also duplicated the European style for the travelers to feel the climate of Europe in Thailand.

Photo Blog: Home Part 2