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Posted at last Monday, Sep 11, 2006

I was young. I was fair skinned, with a (thick) flat top hair styled to the latest fashion and healthy as a growing young person should be.
It was 1997 when my inferiorites started to develop, when I slowly noticed that my hair was falling just a dry leaves were falling off the tree. I began to worry and doubt.Was I going to be bald? Few strands of hair were scattered in my pillow every time I get up from bed and the agony of losing my hair aggravated my sensibilities.
I have become temperamental because of my hair thinning everyday. I soon found myself inventing shampoo made of herbal plants to save my crowning glory. I was oblivious of the damage concoction was doing to my hair. To my dismay, I found a halo at the cowlick on my head. I bargained with God if He would bring back my hair from its (healthy) normal thickness, I wouldn't hold any ill will on Him.
Ridicules and jeering remarks from friends and relatives became my normal life. I was a laughingstock at work and it truly broke my heart almost forcing me to quit from my job then,I asked God to answer my indistinctive prayers.His answers were deep and my human capacity to understand is limited.
Now I am getting more mature and I have been in circulation bald for many years.Now I understand it is a hereditary.If they had seen me then during my early 20's surely they will starstruck.But those were the days.
There still are times when I would feel hurt if they talk behind my back. As for me, bald is sexy and beautiful.And there is no turning back.

This is Me Then..................

This is Me Now..................

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