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Posted at last Tuesday, Dec 19, 2006

Our world is in constant motion, giving birth to things so beautiful and sublime that they beggar the imagination.In these amazing images from all around the world we see nature's wisdom in its most spectacular and fascinating forms.It really leaves a mark the hands of the Great Creator...............

Yosemite Park, California USA (US Landmark)

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

MILFORD SOUND, NEW ZEALAND (World Heritage site)

BORACAY, PHILIPPINES (World class beach resort with pristine clear water)

Antartic Glacier


Last 2005, Toyota held an exposition at Aichi Japan.As Toyota sees it, revitalizing the natural world through environmental technology is an indispensable condition for retaining the respect of the customers around the world and for realizing a sustainable society.I appreciated the Toyota for having such a brilliant views not just producing the best car in the world but an environmental friendly.
When I read this article in a certain newspaper, it gave me great impressions about this car company.The Toyota added, we cannot, however, rest on our laurels.We are rethinking all of our designs to be more environmental friendly...which is good eventually.Well, that is a great idea...there is more at stake here than improvements in environmental technology or the future of the automotive industry...Our world is at stake.....I just awaken that there is something I can contribute more to our mother it patronizing the toyota car's..I guess...

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