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Posted at last Thursday, Jan 11, 2007

Baguio is known to be the tourist attraction of the Northern part of Luzon.It's mountainous area keeps the place so cold and freezing.. As a frustrated traveler, I used to dreamed of going to Baguio that somehow God would grant my poor dreams.At long last, the Christian Youth Ministries in my school invited young fellas to join them in Baguio for a Youth conference. The travel price was so cheap included the fare,lodging and food...When I heard such news it ignited my desire to see Baguio as it is....Without any second thought...I joined the group and it was truly the best year of my life which I spent Christmas in the coolest temperature in the Philippines.
I got the chance to see the attracting spot which we so called the Pine City...but it got me frustrated 'coz its not exactly what I was expecting to. Baguio was no longer as beautiful as it is....the city is crowded now and the lushful environment was no longer covered with trees but the eye sore of the local goers..squatter areas.
Wishing that the Government would do something on it to save the dying city. Here are some pics which I posted..these were some of the activities that we did during the Young Congress.
I am looking forward of going there sometimes this year, hopefully this valentine. Baguio, is still the best place and the hideaway of the hustle bustle in the can simply relax and unwind the cooling breeze of the air and few spots.
The place which I wish to visit is Camp John Hay...the former US military base in Baguio...I think it's just a camp not exactly a Base....

Souvenir Photo with my group

The youngest among the members....

Great buddies.....

Symbol's of Baguio

Fellow delegates African buddies

Pink was our color......during amazing race.

Outside The Mansion

At the Mansion with my group

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