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Olongapo or Subic is always been a home for me....though, I'm not originally from there, but my formative childhood and teeny bopper days had spent much in Olongapo. Some may not be vague to remember 'coz it was already burried and obliterated by oblivious mind , but most of the remarkable memories were always flashing back ,yet, invested a piece of space in my system. It was two years already since 2005, which I failed to be at home even in a short vacation. Just before 2006 bids farewell to us, I got the chance to go home which my busfare generously paid by my cousin who got married to an American. Without hesitation, I packed my bag were four of us hit directly going west of Luzon. My companion then, was a close relatives; Aldwin, Arnel, and a close friend Michael. Night trip was the schedule we chose, to avoid hassle and traffic jam in EDSA. It was aptly to travel by night and full of relish as we huddled inside the bus-ignoring the passengers who tried to comfort theirselves to sleep, disturbed badly by our tumultous noise. It was already 11 in the evening when the bus left the station.We safely arrived in Olongapo by 2 in the morning and totally laid asleep by 4 AM for the never ending telltales. December 30 is fiesta in Olongapo, so we never waste any moment, but took Michael in Subic bay to take the chance while he still can and has companions to show him around. At night, we took a side stroll at boardwalk as the sun went down perfectly in view. I could not hardly beleive that Subic bay improved that fast which countless of first class and fine bars had set in Subicbay. The last time I went home, there were a handful of bars around not just surely a place where an event occurs just as it now. The glorious and tempting bars facing the still sea waters had invited even to the wee hours of the night to the passersby and visitors. Who couldn't be tempted? but we decided to stay by in a shortwhile avoiding the extreme amount to be spent.We just took some pictures around and went home to celebrate NEw Year. There was plentiful of foods prepared, rented videoke, San Mig beers, and red wine for us who refused to be intoxicated easily with beers. Occasional foods were highly pronounced as it covered the whole table ready to be attacked by starving vultures. Akin nearby had joined us that night even at January 1 itself. Happiness and bliss were painted on every faces, just as we groove to the tickling music. It was wrapped up in silence when Michael, Aldwin, Arnel,Bong and family went home right on January 1 afternoon. I stayed for a while till January 2, to indulged myself to a place I miss so much. Old landmarks in places I always remembered playing, to awaken my memories the good old days. Indeed, it was a very memorable New Year for could have been be more memorable if I'm with my family.........

Early morning at the Japanese & Korean resto

The digi cam was about to low batt,thats why its pink.

Marina bay hotel

I dont know,why I pose here

Shielding myself beneath the coconut shed

We 3 again.....

I guess my red shirt has something to do with the pink reflection....

At Courtyard Inn...

With Aldwin...a close knit akin...

What a dreadful pose!!!!!

Looks an enchanted place,isnt it? lighting trees????

Subic bay at night

Lighthouse hotel.....behind me.

What are those plastic bags....?

Looks like we're in Malaysia.....right?

Marina Bay

Obviously, we never take orders...Pier One bar

Pier One open bar

Boardwalk..just the four of us

Walking around.....Subic bay

Owning a tire......

Just a perfect color...yellow....

Subic Yatch Club

Subic Industrial Park

On the bus with Aldwin...11 PM

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