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I would like to share this topic which I made during my Current Issues subject in school.Honestly, this has been a very controversial topic in the Philippines.
Being good in English is an asset for the Philippines.English proficiency will make you competent in the games called globalized world.Highly recognize companies and establishments, always demands English profeciency to applicants.The trend now is globalization, that it is advancing the national interests of the Philippines that mastery in English will not result in decline in filipino language proficiency but can be a cosmopolitan.
The question was not about adequate english proficiency, but, Do our students, can still be saved from carabao english?Evidences gathered that: Some teachers are not highly competent in grammar, Students acquire the same error.Fear of mistakes and embarrasment,students prefer to be passive.Teachers speak filipino in the class so that they can express and elaborate more easily. Students poor in english vocabulary,teachers themselves lack english vocabulary.Faculty and staff, seldom uses english when they talk to each other specially to students.Lastly, students didn't pay much attention to their english subject.
Some of the recommendations I got from the english speaking students and filipino students who were fluent in english are the following: Implement strict rules in school campuses as an English speaking zone.
Stop the students of popularizing jibberish frankenstein called taglish which is neither grammatical Filipino nor decent English. Make friends to native speakers or students who are fluent.Read more English books. magazines, newspapers and list down the difficult words to expand the vocabulary.Watch good english movies and tv shows and new programs.Consult the experts for more improvements.
Try to communicate in English whenever it is possible, in dormitories, classroom and in every places where there is a chance.Practice good pronunciations and listen to good speakers. Accept correction from students who are grammarians. Develop interest in English through constant self-practice.
From that I ended to a good conclusions which I beleived that would help: Faulty usage of English will not only prevent millions of filipinos high school and college student graduates landing high-paying jobs, but it will create endless havoc, jeopardize trade, commerce, info.technology.Seriously, the continuing decline of English language proficiency in almost all segments of Philippines society has becoming an alarming national problem of crisis proportions.Without English proficiency, how can our millions of talented but jobless youths' become the pillars of the Philippine economy.
For the sake of saving civilization and the future of English in this country, and to prevent the destructive tsunami of constipated english in the country,let's challenge our students (including myself) that our once mastery and competitive advantage of good Philippine English made us ahead to our Asian neighbors.

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