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Having a parent with different religious backgrounds was hopelessly confusing. My father goes to his church on Saturday while my mother on her church every Sunday.
So my condition then was drifted.Like a dry leaf being tossed by the wind without direction.On the lighter note, our home becomes a family of Adventist.

However, living in a fast growing suburban wasn't that easy where tempting sightly places were so hard to resist.That was the moment that I became acquainted these intoxicated drinks, learn to dance and even involved in a sordid orgy.
Moreover, I got almost hooked on carnal pleasure and nearly developed as a habit.Reaching the certain age, enough to understand the basic flaws of life, I decided to visit Cavite to look for a greener pasture,wherein Olongapo city by then was suffering a downfall economically due to calamity and the Americans sudden bequest.
I landed a good job in a British Electronic firm as Production Operator nearly five years.My frequent of attending church becoming deviated as I was mandatory required to work seven days a week. Year 1999 was considered to be a turning point of my Life which it turns out a blessing for me spiritually, when a certain global horrible scuttlebutt about Millennium bug grew to be a death threats in my life.

Because of its dreadful impact that awakens and caused me to tremble frightfully, I had thought of a backtrack which sometimes God has been so great to me since then. Lucky I, the Holy Spirit is still working out in me. On the other hand, as I was on the threshold of recuperating spiritually, I had felt that there was something inside urged me to join the missionary.
The invitations were so irresistible. Without any second thought, I accepted the challenged, spiritually unprepared. The experienced was filled with heavenly joys that are unforgettable. I learned to appreciate things, contentment in life, accepting people from different status and walks of life, but most of all it changed the other half of me.
Honestly, there is still colossal struggling in me, yet, I have learned to leave it up all to the Lord, allowing Him to solve it for me. When my missionary ended last 2002, another problem came along which nearly discouraged me, bewildered what to do, since I refused to work if Sabbath is not free. Because God uses ordinary people to counseled me to study in MVC as working student, there was a bit relief temporarily. Since I'm getting on in years, I pondered deeply what would be my age then if I study throughout as working student.
So I challenged God what He has in store for me. To my amazement, God showed His marvelous miracles out on my answered prayers. Modesty aside, I've got three benefactors; one from Hongkong who works as General Manager in a Hotel; the other one is from Mainland China serving as Pastor ; last one is from New York working as a Clergy. Isn't that an amazing grace, is it?
God says; " If you beleive, you will receive whatever you ask for in a prayer". Matthew 21:22
I am a graduating senior now, hopefully marching tearfully this April 1st. If there is someone that I owe a lot.....that is God.....To God be the glory and of course my family who always on their bended knees for my success.

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