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Before I hit going west of Subic; Michael, Aldwin & I were at the fave rendezvous of the higher strata in Manila.
Where else should we chill out during Christmas? Greenbelt and Glorietta are the places to be.
These are the malls that I love to stay on weekends instantaneously.
You can simply bump into some celebrities unknowingly, specifically in Greenbelt.
I really have no plans of going there for some reasons that I was totally dead (to) broke that time.
Thanks to Mike, a dear pal who has the great accumulations of all.
Everything was paid by Michael and so with the idea of watching the Christmas carols.The saunter was leisurely enjoying yet exhausted in the end.
Nevertheless, I could not have more the ideas how Greenbelt was improved and truly world class destination.
Greenbelt wasn't beautiful as stately frivolously as it is today.
Grandeur stores and expensive boutiques to mention were usual to be found in Greenbelt.
If you were just a relatively low in rank, you could not find a store that is within your reach.
Your budget will directly lead you to the place where the multitude has in store, SM.
But if your intentions is just a leisurely walk, hit out for Makati and ended to contemptible food chains around to define your budget.
Moreover, no matter how costly Makati is, it never restrains the small Filipinos of going there. DO they choose the kind of mall rats? I don't think so, as long as you follow the dress code of the place you wish to be.

With Mike again.......

Was it an expensive CR?

That's in Glorietta Mall

I love to shop.......really

On our way to Landmark Mall

Me again.......

Just Mike & I

Las Vegas fountain.....does it look like in Vegas?

Why I was closing my eyes?

Stairway to 2nd floor not in heaven...huh

Another shot with Aldwin

I gave the most sarcastic smile in the world..hahahaha

Wishing to have it soon...

Outside Glorietta Mall

We try to shop there but its too costly...

With Michael...Ayala fountains behind us

Seemingly...the flowers were the subject of this shot

Glorietta Mall on Christmas

Looks like in Hongkong

Filipino version of Santa Claus


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