By Eric - 7:29 PM

Posted at last Tuesday, Sep 12, 2006

I had never really been lucky when it came to love.It seemed that girls were falling for those hairy guys.As if hair even mattered? What really matters is a kind heart and a faithful spirit.I was sure that if a girl would at least take the time to know me then she would find out that I am really a kind gentle person who will love her for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, they never were able to look past my scalp.In fact, it seemed that the entire world was putting too much emphasis on the physical appearance of people and too little emphasis on the brain thus giving people like me a big disadvantage.
I met some girls at my college now and some were my friends but it seemed they were after a husband that they could brag about in public and I just wasn't that person.It was the story of my life and I was beginning to lose hope that it would ever change.
It seems that however that technology is on my side.Thanks to the magic of computers I have been able to get to know a lot of ladies.I had chatting with this particular woman for two years now.We seemed to have everything in coomon.We both loved to travel, we both enjoyed missionary works, and we both felt we had been unlucky in love.We felt the right time was right to meet in person and so here I am waiting for her.I already told her about my physical condition and she had assured me that it didnt matter how I looked.I had likewise assured her that it would be the same for her.She was almost at the same age as me and we decided to meet soon.
So...I'm gonna post soon whenever the chance approves me.

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