By Eric - 9:35 PM

I am already five months (here) in Thailand and my adjustment is still on the proceeding. My staying here isn't a wishful thinking but I'd say that a result of what we so called wheel of fate.
Thailand and Philippines has no difference in terms of environment, weather, relating to human-like-looks (LOL), colors, heights, so as (in) status in life which it wasn't hard for me to adjust in that part.
Southeast Asians are only unlikeness in religion, language, political views, but more alike on skin color, and physical features.
What made me to love Thailand is the cost of living comparing to the Philippines, the reason many Filipinos taking Thailand into an account of a good country for migration.
Not only Filipinos have thought of moving to Thailand for financial employ but even the English native speakers since they are more in demand than Pinoys. Mind you how the Thai paid the native speakers ! very tempting.
I really admire how they respect the foreigners, I haven't seen nor encounter any hold-upper, pick pocket, nor akyat bahay as may called it in Tagalog term. You can just simply leave your things and nobody would mind it nor touch it...hmmm, try to do that in Pinas, 100% surely in a second it'll gone, but leaving you tearfully empty.
However, no matter how I tried to compare my country to Thailand both positively and negatively-still there's no place like home.
For so many days in my staying here, homesickness sometimes be cured with meeting familiar faces of friends and acquaintances back in College around Bangkok...just how the old adage can be true that we are living in a small world.
Though we are similar in Thailand in so many ways, still it's a whole new world for me. Still am trying to work my memory bank to absorb any Thai-language that I needed everyday so as it'd be easier for me to link myself and approach them in rightly so, but something has the refusal of taking it.
I know that one way of adjusting easily while migrating to a foreign country is learning the language first and the rest will follow. I am not that into a languistic type of person, I find languages interesting, even though I'm not great at language learning at all (unlike when I was young then, but when you are getting on in years things has changed).
Food is secondly hard for me to absorb, Thai is more on hot-spicy-greasy food type. I am into a bit of spicy but not a flaming one that sweat you a lot.
There are foods here that my taste-bud would suggest me to throw-up since the odor is annoying and stinky..however, Thai-food is certainly consider a world class....well, I guess so.
My contract is only 1-year, and dunno yet what fate has to offer after that, yet I am planning of going to China or USA...China to teach there,earn more and explore there, USA to work as missionary and of course to fulfill my long childhood dream.
Only God can decide if He still wants me to stay more longer here in Thailand or not. But it's good if you have had plans ahead than star-gazing and waiting for the stars to fall down from the sky.

Very Special and Delicious. Worth Trying but beware of the small bones. Soup is really tasty. My fave Thai-food.

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