By Eric - 10:16 PM

As a fashion-social climber and frustrated stylist individual....I always want myself to be upgraded and updated the latest trendy and the latest in which at least by copying and wearing the cheapest ukay-ukay similar to that fad would be a great relief and satisfaction for me.
Poor me, can't even buy the fave designer label that I wish to wear not even once. Browsing the fashion online world and checking what's new is among my fancy, at least.
According to the new fashion buzz now; fashion enthusiasts go religious tee designings...that's nice, they have started to acknowldege God. Here's a good example to see:
Givenchy Fall/Winter 2010 2011 Menswear - Jesus is Lord T-Shirt.Love it much, hope I could avail one..but mind you the brand is Givenchy..haayyy can't afford to loose my salary just for this shirt alone.

This one made me to freak out....good thing that I am not a fashion blogger....but it feels me creepy.

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