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A yearbook, also known as an annual, is a book to record, highlight, and commemorate the past year of a school - www.wikipedia.org

If there's something that I want to keep for now that would help me to flashback my younger days in the 80's that'd be my High School Year Book.
Reminiscing high school days seems to be a good remedy instead of worrying about the future. My High School batch back in Olongapo City National High School had just created a website for us to meet online daily.
It has been one of our fave avenues where we tried to rekindle our naughtiness, our laziness, our mere dreams and innocence then.
Twenty one long years had passed and some of us had not met right after the graduation in High School. That's where we went to different roads separately.
Some had married early, while the other find their lucks abroad, while the other were trying to sharpen their brains by obtaining a degree.
Others were gone pass of this world peacefully.
After the graduation, we were required to gain a year book in School before leaving the portal of our alma mater permanently. That's when the school office released the Year Book..to those who wish of getting a copy of the year book.
Too bad as it may seems, I didn't get the chance of taking my copy of the year book coz my mother took me to her homeplace which my stayed took me a couple of years before I got back to Olongapo.
Rewinding everything that comes to mind about your friends in High School is inadequate especially on remembering their faces.
Internet wasn't invented in my time yet even back in the 90's the reason I couldn't help my memory to freshen up some of the faces I want to recognize.
Every year we change and improve physically so as our memory slowly to deteriorates. When internet is widely used by everyone, designing and creating websites is becoming easy. Our batch website is our playground everyday of the memories in the past. When the admin or web designer of our batchsite uploaded all the pages of our year book, I downloaded and obtained myself a copy...of course, I have been anticipating this since I left Olongapo.
Now, reviewing and seeing those familiar faces in my batch brings back memories from those times when feelings were raw and every experiences was/were exaggerated. I printed the pages of my section and happiness was very visible in my face looking every faces of my classmates, trying to come up any memories left in my memory bank.
I glanced at my photo with so much surprised knowing what I wanted to become in the future: "To become a Teacher".
Honestly, I couldn't remember at all that I wanted to be come a teacher. I selfly argued myself as I brought the printed copy of the yearbook closer to my eyes. Why did I wrote that? In my graduating class section there were two of us who wanted to become a teacher. I knew that I wanted to work in the airline, not just a pilot or what but a Flight Steward.
Well, if it's really what I wrote then its a fulfillment then..because I am teacher and teaching abroad. I looked at my profile again in the yearbook with realization that it wasn't bad an aspiration to be a teacher.
Loking back then, it wasn't a complex and complicated. Our minds weren't adulterated with technologies that brings addiction except this new fad today Facebook where we keep on posting messages of every pictures that my batch had any gatherings of mixed sections.

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