By Eric - 11:52 PM

These are the signs and posters that I saw around Thailand....Once and for all, I didn't mean to offend the Thai people or proclaiming myself a grammarian coz am not..but just want to thank the good Lord that Philippines has a better command of English among the Asian countries....

well, I went out with a group to Siam Park to amuse ourselves from such a monotonous day and I found this one. its a Fart Disease...if you see it closely, you just noticed that the short tail of the letter F was erased to make it Fart..surely the one who did that was aware of the English.

Pinoy are still good spellers,,even native speakers aren't.Bazar has to be spelled "Bazaar"

This one was quite ironic..I dunno if they have called a big, giant pool with an artificial wave a beach! ironically its not a who could have thought of swimming with your shoes on?

Again, a big pool isn't a beach.

I guess, the printing or the painting whatever you may call mistaken on writing so as the one who painted it followed what's being instructed out of ignorancy of the English thing.

Its a haunted house inside Siam Park..I refused to go in coz I might be gone crazy coz of the Big, Double Shock I might get.

I guess, "Jurassic" is right.

Obviously, Thai people aren't geographically aware so as they dunno the country of Africa. Proven to be right, even my students couldn't find the famous countries on the globe when I asked them to locate it.

I love chewing ice..but when you chew it, isn't it crispy or crunchily? whatever?

Saw this sign at an apartment in Bangkok when a friend Joeper and I went there to sleep for a weekend.We decided not to talk or else.

What can I say? nothing......the kids in the Philippines can sing that: row, row your boat.

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