By Eric - 10:40 PM

Today is the 3rd Sabbath in the month of March. A day which God has anointed to man to be His holy day...I mean, referring to the day Saturday.
A day, that family members should worship together in one accord with the Lord. A time of fully praising and nothing but lifting God's holy and mighty name.
As a young Christian and a trained missionary, the first thing to do-lists would be finding a church that I could possibly worship with fellow Christians, yet, the problem is, I couldn't found any of my church around the place where I am teaching neither in the places nearby but in the capital city Bangkok which is 3 hours by van and 5 hours by bus.
Back in the Philippines, attending to church every midweek, vesper and Sabbath was the only simple-joys I had as I may call it. I felt like a weak-lame individual who couldn't walk normally when I misses any of those church services.
But coming to this Siam country is different, I thought it would be normally as it was to attend worships just as the usual thing I did in the Philippines.
Contrary, I just attended one wholly Sabbath day since from my arrivals and that was the month of February, that needs a long travel before I could make a christian union with fellow believers.
The rest of that were spending most of the time in the internet cafe listening and viewing christian videos or either going out for a nature walk with some newfound Christian friends(led by a protestant British missionary.
Reading my Bible is no longer as actively as it was, nor praying before going to sleep. I don't think that I am spiritually gone astray but its just that things had changed and completely new to me.
Well, I thank God that I still managed to set aside the 10% of my salary for the tithe, 'am now training myself to be a tithe giver.Just giving back to the Lord what's His...if not, I am robbing Him..heaven's forbid...don't want to be branded with a name tithe-robber.

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