By Eric - 3:19 AM

As I promise, the month of March would be a blogger's march since its vacation and I now have enough time to blog. Writing more is a good chance to reveal something within..not the dark ones.
There are tell-tales or tell-tale signs that helping us to prepare and even inspired us to dream and achieve something that we wish and long to happen. Tell-tales or signs also telling us to prepare what is going to happen in the future and allowing us what tomorrow holds us.

What's so good about having crazy friends?
1. You can hurt them physically and they will definitely hit you back.
2. You can curse them in their faces, then all of you will laugh.
3. You can tell them all the crazy stuffs in your head, then you will find out they are a lot crazier.
4. With them, you will never feel that your alone.
5. With them, you can be yourself all the time. To hell with the other people.

Like this text which a friend back in the Philippines who texted me at my Philippine Globe number. The message might sounds so boring and senseless to other but it make sense to me..I think these are the type of people that you wish to be with coz they aren't boring to be with.

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