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The smile of the sun is getting fierce and painful. Wind blows luke-warmly uncomfortable, and you start sweating like a hell. Its already summer, class is over- meaning its time to rejoice, worry-free from exhausting class, stressful students, and a bit of tedious dullness of the subject as well.
This is my first summer vacation away from home...Everything is first and I'm a sort of novice-migrant to a country that I never dreamt of.
Back in the Philippines, summer vacation is considered a holiday of sort by the Filipinos. When the sun starts to strike its scorching heat, hitting out to the beach or splashing out to some famous and known swimming pools around the country were the most fave destination of every Filipinos. That's exactly the simple fun Filipinos did every summer vacation.
It is also a gathering of every families, friends- where everyone plans for retreat,visiting places outside the busyness of the city.
Among the provinces in the Philipppines that I love to spend my summer is the island of Siquijor
It's the homeprovince of my mother,an province where I was firstly saw the beauty and the ugliness side of the world. I did spent my early childhood there too, so as staying there for sometimes when life in the city was getting congestive and crammed.
The best place for exhaling of pure and clean air.I’ve always dreamt of a life in the beautiful countryside of this island, a house of my own, with a wide meadow, sipping wine in my terrace enjoying a view of the rolling fields. Living there is more of the notion of leaving behind life’s baggage, moving on and finding what you really want in life that speaks my mind.
I remember my father used to bring me to the farm and accompanied him tending the cows..our piece of farm there relates to the beauty of Life...its close to nature, where valleys and plains added beauty of the simplicity of the area. An overview of a not so far-off seas, blending with the whistles of the wind and chirping of the larks. I remember my first time to see our farm – it was magically surreal. Fields of corns, peanuts, beautiful greeneries, and the tranquility of a countryside. Sunset over the fields remind me of how Life feels when you find Love – rosy, warm and blissful. It made me feel like I was in my dream, a dream that I’ll never wake up to.
I never been home in the island for so long of years now that old photographs and places I always remember..every now and then.
My parents decided to settle there because of the peaceful and simplicity of the island that it offers...which life is where it’s at for some quality rest and relaxation.
Now here I am in Thailand.. and through all of this I haven't regretted once the decision to pack up life move abroad. I miss my parents and family, but I have no regrets what so ever in making this life changing decision. Leaving me many avenues here to explore and who knows when or if I will be ready to return to the place of my birth.

Yesterday I felt the wind blowing 'round my shoulder
Feel like I'm getting older
Still I can't forget your face

Separated by a million miles of ocean
My heart still feels emotion
Even in this lonely place

Old photographs and places I remember
Just like a dying ember
That's burned into my soul
Even though we walk the diamond-studded highways
It's the country lanes and byways
That makes us long for home

Lately I just find my mind has turned to dreamin'
Making plans and scheming
How I'm gonna get back home

But deep down inside I know its really hopeless
This road I'm on is endless
We climb our mountains all alone

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