By Eric - 4:37 AM

Its the 4th day of the month of April. I'm now in Bangkok city, enjoying the noise, pollution, traffic and the cramming city life.
My boring summer days in the place I'm staying is over because I let myself to be deafened by the noise pollutions of the city.
God has been so good, despite of the shortcomings I've done everyday, yet, He continues to send the sun to keep me on the light..seeing the great hope He'd promised.
A blessing month of April because I was in the church for the second time and by this 9th of April- an unbelievable trip will be in Hongkong.
Isn't that an enormous blessings?
While staying in Bangkok, I went to a fave mall of mine in Bangkok- MBK.just almost everything in there are cheap , just within your reach.
Checking in a comfy and not so costly hotel is a good treat for myself....still have to save enough for my budget this April and for the month of May.
What else can I say? never experienced this thing in Philippines...I would say I am fortunate enough to accept this call of teaching here in Thailand.
Hoping for another trip around the neighboring countries of Thailand soon.

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