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Life in the 80's was more easier and fun comparing now.I mean that's how I see it though we are being surrounded by new inventions and technology,yet 80's life is still incomparable.
Every time I heard songs' of the 80's, it immediately brought me back to the formative years where I was on the metamorphosis of being teen-turning up to youth.
Speaking of music,new wave,techno,and neo-progressive rock were among the trend and thrust of music we're listening to, which was the -in before.
One of my fave bands in the 80's were Toto (it can be To-to or Todo).They played songs that suit to my taste and they're coming here to hold a concert at the big dome.I have been anticipating this chance would come but at this rate I'm totally broke.
Here are the songs that made Toto famous:
3.I Won't Hold You Back
4.Waiting for Your Love
5.I'll Be Over You

You can log on to their official website at: Toto

Toto is a Grammy Award winning American rock band founded in 1976[1] by some of the most popular and experienced session musicians of the era. The band enjoyed great commercial success in the 1980s, beginning with the band's self-titled debut, released in 1978, which immediately brought the band into the mainstream rock spectrum of the time. Continuing with 1982's critically acclaimed and commercially successful Toto IV, Toto became one of the biggest selling music groups of their era. Although their popularity in the United States diminished in the 1990s and 2000s, they continue to tour to sold out arenas, clubs and theaters internationally. Described by Eddie Van Halen as "collectively the best musicians on the planet" [2], the band is known for their technical prowess in the studio, as well as a musical style that combines elements of pop, rock, soul, funk, progressive rock, hard rock, R&B, and jazz, making them appeal to a variety of musicians and non-musician listeners.

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