By Eric - 6:47 PM

"I see trees of green........ red roses too
I see em bloom..... for me and for you
And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world."

I have been living in Cavite since 1996,so my life has been evolving around Cavite.For thirteen years and a half living in the was filled with happiness and lonesome moment.
I truly like living in Cavite for it is far from the Cosmopolitan or developed suburban,where you can relax freely without the disturbance of backdrop nuisance in the city.Experiencing peaceful life and hassle-free community is a pleasure of refreshing the ambiance of the green environment.Cavite gives you the feeling of a real refreshing cold climate as you enjoy the view of the green grass and mountains when you stay and look around.
But as the years continually to run,you can see the rice-field farms now are slowly developing into a housing/Subdivisions.Anywhere you will look around,houses were constructionally putting up by different developers just to provide houses to those who wish to live in southern part of the capital.
Building a house can be one of the most satisfying--or aggravating--activities that home buyers can undertake.However,what surroundings could we boast to our future kids when it was already covered with houses? Before,I usually enjoying watching kids running and playing in the vast green farms and fields,which you can literally feel the gentle touch of the wind kissing your cheeks and the innocent melodies of laughters of the kids playing around made you comfortable that this is the kind of simple world I wish to live on forever.
I miss the old Cavite now,all the greens started to vanish that affects the weather.The warm weather as it was before had replenished and no longer trees that brings shed to everyone.
I can still clearly remember the song of the Pinoy folk-rock band that brought environmental consciousness through their song, “Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran (Look At The Environment)",that it's not really bad when a country is progressing if it won't affect our environment.The worst of this Subdivision is the environment was affected instead of preserving it.Gated houses or neighbors and crowded people were conjugated in Cavite as the crime increases.
Urbanists' have found their way to Cavite relocating their selves to a new house built by contractors.Small farmers who owns wide farms easily be lured by money from developers without thinking that their farm/land is the only inheritance their children can be inherited.This is the problem of those parents who never think of their children's future nor the disadvantage of selling farm/lots to those vulture investors/developers.On the contrary,the more subdivisions being constructed the smaller the space that causes traffic and mushroom of population.
Of course,garbages,nuisance,crimes, name a few are among the headaches..
Farms and vast lands that is being develop into housing is also one of the causes of global warming...Children have no longer enough space to run,air to breath,trees to climb,rivers to swim......I wish our government would do something about it,like blocking those developers to put up houses.

New subdivision/village somewhere in Cavite

A newly constructed school of Lyceum....

A fountain of hope that somehow green will be preserved...

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