If There's Something Strange in Your Neighborhood, Who Ya Gonna Call?

By Eric - 11:10 PM

I spent reading different blogs the whole day and updating mine as well. As I was making rounds online,I stumbled into the multiply site of Manilenya...Manilenya is among the bloggists that I admire because of her strong spirit to voice out and write everything that she doesn't like especially politics...
Just as I was enjoying my reading to her multiply blog,my eyes were almost popping out to my surprise when couple of unbelievable pictures describe what kind of environment we have in right now.
Even naive children aren't safe of the dirt and unholistic influence by media,environment,people,etc.....doomsday is drawing nigh...honestly.

This was what Manilenya had said on her blog:
Whose parents will let their children go astray? I can’t think of any one. Even the wicked people I know, they don’t want their children live a terrible life.
But Jesus! Take a look at these photos, how would you imagine a supposed to be an innocent and uncorrupted minds do this kind of things?

Please just buckle your seatbelts as you view the picture below......

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