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Updating blogs every now and then needs ample of times,money and ideas in mind just to share something.
I wish everyone who happens to stumble in my blog will be blessed to some of the stories I have had posted.
I like to post this literary form which I think somehow touch everyone's heart..from the site of Penny Parker.
Please internalize and contemplate.........

Is it any wonder
That the world is filled with pain,
When man sets aside its beauty,
For his own material gain?
Is it any wonder
That lovers' hearts grow dim,
When they do not hold in honor,
The love that's found within?

Is it any wonder
That the homeless often fail,
When they're forced out of house and home
To seek another trail?

Is it any wonder
That nature falls to ruin and rubble,
Because we drain it thoughtlessly,
Allowing it to crumble?

Is it any wonder
That children go astray,
Because we did not take the time,
To show them the proper way?

Is it any wonder
That evil's strong and bold,
When we can't see any goodness,
And we let our hearts grow cold?

Is it any wonder
Racism thrives, my friend,
When we cannot see the person,
Just the color of his skin?

Is it any wonder
That friendships die and fade,
When we forget the reasons,
Why they first were made?

Is it any wonder
Our world has been polluted,
When we allow our industries,
To strip it and permute it?

Is it any wonder
There's so much grief and sorrow,
That we don't even seem to care,
What will take place tomorrow?

Is it any wonder
We see no value in our brothers,
And we hold ourselves too far above,
The many needs of others?

Is it any wonder
Our world is like it is,
When all we do is grumble,
And no action do we give?

Is it any wonder
We wait in fear of Judgement Day,
When we do the things we do,
Then forget the way to pray?

~ Author Unknown ~

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