By Eric - 6:33 PM

Once again,I failed to update my blog and was in the hiatus for a while.The previous days was filled with rushing errands that forced me to catch the time on its specific target.Amid the painful bite of the summer,I never get tired of rushing here and there grabbing every opportunities that offers a good financial stability.
I have no other tenacious desire but to work abroad that provides me a better future....monetarily.
Yet,luck isn't kind to me this time as if opportunity aloof and keeping in distance.As much as possible,I never passed any moment but search all the possible teaching jobs abroad and some were responding back and some aren't and some just kept ignoring me.
I was very down and frustrated just this previous weeks...thinking about the rejections I got from abroad.....well,I always praying that somehow I would be accepted and share the talents and education that I've learned from school.

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