Lonely Journey-According to Eric Chua

By Eric - 6:33 PM

Just this morning while I was browsing the net searching for good templates,I just found my way to Maynas Chua blog...the entry was intriguing to me and pushing me to read all the contents with strong agreement.
All of us were into a Lonely-Journey..please do read his writing below....

Lonely Journey
Sometimes when I walk alone, I recall about the past, a not so recent past.
What might have happened if none has happened, is a question that can receive no answers.
What now matters is knowing that the present holds the key to the future, and if I don’t hold hold so tightly,
It will slip away, and slipped away this thing called “time” has had for many a person has let go
Once I have lived in the most beautiful love story no author could have ever wrote,
Then it was broken in a few moments of madness, and I gave everything I could to repair it,
Even if a broken vase is repaired, the cracks can still be seen, yes, this I understand.
But I know what was broken, can never be broken again, because we finally knew it could be broken. Nothing is perfect.
But if it had not happened, and I went back to my home where I came from, I would not have realized important things.
This time with open eyes I saw how everyone around me was struggling, barely making enough to survive, will I be one of them ?
I fear for what might happen if I continued what I was doing, which was the same as them, if I do the same, I will get the same. That is not rocket science and difficult to understand.
And what I chose to do may sound insane to some, I gave up short term gains for long term growth, if they are making barely enough to survive, I was then making nothing to be extinct.
Lonely is the man without love to give up a salary for a chance in business, one that he knew will succeed. But one in which he has to take the role of 10 men with 10 different jobs. How I managed to do it, I did not know. I only thought of 3 things, the future, my family and her.
The start is always difficult they say, and yes it is indeed. Everything was difficult, now it’s easier, much easier. But one thing pains me more than anything else, love. Please don’t disappear into a place where I can never see you again.
I really hope this Lonely Journey would end soon…
And where it leads…
will be a place where we will hold hands again…
I love you and always will.

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