By Eric - 3:45 AM

I found this picture in the internet and below is the explanations of the painter regarding of his piece.

"In our journey through life, we often encounter opportunities and disappointments. In this painting there is a person, who appears defeated after a door closes in front of him. The doors symbolize the different opportunities in life and are arranged in a seemingly never-ending hallway, which represents our life’s journey. The disappointment of his recent loss is such, that it has drained all his energy and is preventing him from noticing the other opportunities available. This painting is intended to help the viewer realize that we are bound to find closed doors in our life, but our perseverance will lead us to find other opportunities."


Usually,we always pray for good opportunities to come in place specially if we dream something what our hearts wants not what the Lord has plans for us.Sometimes,opportunity is already there right in front of us but we refused to accept it because we don't want to and it's not practically the way we desire for it...however,we only realized when we get disappointed when it's no longer open for us.

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