By Eric - 6:54 PM

Life is a journey. We are like a CASSETTE PLAYER. It has Play, Rewind, Forward, Record, Eject and Pause.Most of the time we are PLAYING are life journey, Sometimes we REWIND our Past, Also we FAST FORWARD for our dreams and ambitions, We also RECORD most of our experiences. But if you have problems in life, just PAUSE..... but never ever touch the EJECT because that is withdrawal from one's happiness, or even quitting from one's life.PERSONS ARE GIFTS FROM GOD TO US...We are all gifts wrapped with different wrappers and colors. But whether you are wrapped with SPECIAL DELIVERY or ORDINARY PAPER, it's not a big deal because what is are wrapped with LOVE.You are a person, you are a gift...

One of the websites that I like to visit is, a website that is being organized by my neighbor and schoolmate in of the entries of their blog was about Life is a Journey..hence,we are like Cassette player being played repeatedly,aren't we?. We sometimes live the recorded things that we do everyday, or we keep on blaming ourselves about the failures that we have had in the past.
Hence, the quotation above is just a self-explanatory...its up to you on how you see things as it is or how you interpret it.

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