By Eric - 6:20 PM

Christmas is almost over..and New Year is fast approaching. Christmas is the longest celebration in the country and the celebrations even extended to New Year's eve.
Have you sent your warm wishes to the people dear to you? to your friends? Our spirits rise as we breathe in the winter air flinging off our burdens as we step into the part covered with crispy brown leaves. When you look up into the blue sky you'll find a great big smile through the clouds.
As we are welcoming the 2009,smiles are what fill us with delight and bring us back to our good old 2008.
On a crystal clear blue morning,there is a peace that only you can know...and everyone wish for that world peace in that coming 2009. Everyone is continually asking,what would be in store for us this 2009, since we are covering with tensions of that world crisis?
Looking back the 2008, it wasn't that blissful and prosperous year for me, but a sort of unfortunate and stressful life given to me.
Fear as we called it but 2009 is still an anticipating event that we need to know curiously. We need to shield ourselves whatever that adversaries would attack us somehow.
I wish everyone a blessed 2009 New Year.....

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