By Eric - 10:42 PM

The world is hopeless now, as the world's getting older the more our conditions become critically worst. Our money have lost a great deal of their purchasing power.
The world is in the midst of an absolutely enormous financial crisis. Recently, four great banks in America announced its bankruptcy, with many major banks and other respected financial institutions in danger collapsing. Philippine stock exchange, seriously dying following the less job opportunity in the country with meager salaries but massive government corruptions.
Chaos in Thailand, pathetical bombing in India and in various parts of Middle East. Non stop wars from selected countries keep wreaking havoc the fear conditions of the young and innocent minds.
Natural related disasters continually damaging some parts of the world, that left emptiness to every loss of individuals. A famous American Economic analyst predicted America would suffer a great economic melt down by the year 2009 and onwards. it is the most powerful country inthe world but economically paralyzed that affects the world market.
These facts dishearten me much so as my future clearly vanish. In times like these, what will you do? what would be the first things that pops out into your mind? In times like these, where are you going?
If I'm going to ask or if I were to ask myself, I practically don't know...I,myself is a hopeless homosapiens and is trying to survive these striking analogical crisis.Truly, its an alarming to realize that I am really unable and lacking strength since I'm still jobless and has no permanent job. As I can see , my education has no used to no avails.

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