By Eric - 8:12 PM

It's Christmas time and the whole planet is celebrating regardless of religions,culture,and spiritual beliefs.Amidst of the world crisis,it never stops the world to celebrate because of its remembrance of God's birth,though its not the exact date of his birth Biblically.
People were busily shopping in advance to avoid the rush. Some may have contented of what is being around,and what is being given by the Almighty.Some were displaying different colors of light and Christmas trees earlier just to fill the air with warm of celebrations.
Some have just preferred their houses flooded with Christmas ornaments,some were reusing and recycling the old stuff just to be frugal of sort.
Others were spending the Yuletide season at home with their families, others preferred to be at their work..just like me.
Nonetheless,no matter how we celebrate it individually and geographically,what matters most is we are celebrating it because of God's remembrance of his birth not just because of the season.
I just wish that I can spend the season with my parents....its been 14 long years and is still counting that I haven't spent it with them. The atmosphere is quiet cool which the air is breathlessly blowing here and there reminding that Christmas is just around the corner now.
Wishing the world a Merry Christmas so as to my fellow Bloggers, frequent visitors and readers.....God Bless us as we are remembering Him this seasons of hope.

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