By Eric - 6:01 PM

Excruciating hot summer started to bite its painful heat that exhaustingly drained you.
The usual customary of Filipinos if Lenten Summer Holiday would arrive..everyone promptly rushed to go home to their respective provinces and hit the beaches,swimming pool,rivers or anything that would chill out and refresh you from the painful heat.
I used to go home in Olongapo and spend a much needed vacation with my akins....being at home with your love ones is the most joyous vacation that couldn't hold out with.
Of course,when we say Subic-Olongapo, beaches and night life is really hard to resist since its the most tempting recreational my place to offer.This is the only Lenten season that I failed to go home...my heart is aching as I savoring the possible enjoyment that I would have had...
Soaking in the Beach is the first thing that flashback in my mind since I am a beach bummer...and in the evening chilling out at the most attractive and fine band bars are among that tickle my feet and ears that continually banging every now and then.
SBMA or Suic Bay is among the places in Olongapo that I love to stroll upon specially 5 in the evening till wee hours...I can't help to be a nocturnal species of man if I am at home..this is the only moment that I could relax and grab the zen and peaceful serene of contemplation.
Anyway, we have the longest summer hoiday in the world so its not only Lenten season but through out the month of April till May.
But I can't wait to lavish my salivate of tasting the cold halo-halo in town.

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