By Eric - 8:02 PM

Most men pray for power,the strength to do things.Most men pray for money, the happiness to buy anything,but few people pray for education, the ability to learn something.
My earliest encounter with the world of learning comes from my parents.In a home that I am living in,apparent (of)poverty is clearly evident that getting a college diploma is hopelessly impossible.
I never dreamed of studying at all which apathy and frustrations poisoned my interest,but instead I inspired myself with courage to seek job locally and internationally.Unluckily,adversity came to me for a year which I can't get a job.Being jobless for 1 year was wretchedly deficient for me.
Thanks to my missionary friends who devotedly prayed and showing exalted influenced that purposely driven me to study again.
The Lord had seen my strong desire to obtain a college degree,so as He secretly performed miracles in my life that I could imagine.He uses ordinary people with extraordinary talents who surety allowed themselves to be of used by God for my academic needs.
Compendium of thoughts coming from my benefactors are (the) words that well lived,written to my heart that will serves as guideposts and road maps in my travels through highways and byways.
I want to mention virtually the following persons who endlessly indefatigable supported me..my benefactors:
1. Mr. & Mrs.Paul Lackey- They were American Frontier Missionaries who opened the windows of opportunity for me to study in a University.Their helped was truly a great opener for me.Hope I can still be in contact with them.
2. Ma'am Maria Lee - (A well-educated and a woman of substance)...thank you so much for the big amount that you have had contributed,that made me once in a while the richest student in school.Your respond to my plead was a perfect timing while I was in the midst of the quicksand of distressed monetarily.
3.Pastor Robert Wong - I knew you were in the valley of decision's as to whether you'd help me or not but the Lord had sent His answered through your prayers.You were like a father to me which your dedication to serve God brings a vibrant cadence in your heart.
4.Elder Robert Quillin - Your presence and words of advise was measured in lyrical phrases that brought assurance and inspiration.
These amazing people didn't worry about the financial they had shared and who gets the credits but stirred my emotions to embellish in writing them here.It's practically rare to find persons like them, that is why my words of gratitude embedded with maxims of praises.
I thank the good Lord for sending these extraordinary people without them I won't be where I am today.

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