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Have you ever wondered what it's like to be discriminated? or having rejected of the job you wish for, its because you aren't a product of the top (caliber) universities in the country? Or its because you aren't an English native speaker, yet , a native of the Philippines?
All these pointless reasoning has gotten me sick outrageously. I am always bombarded with these kind of unprincipled dogma herein. My childhood dream in life is to give a try-out working beyond the island with the desire of knowing what it likes to work abroad, & what lies out there (of course earning is included though).
Since the grass is more greener & luring at the other side of the world, the skilled & professional Filipino workers continually leaving the motherland for a cause,economically. What future you can get out of this corrupt country?
Eventually, its my second option whenever rejections continue to rise in my denomination (referring to my church affiliations, which racial discrimination still practicing).
Ideally, Adventist (my church) aren't supposed to embrace this kind of belief, because it's an indulgence of the world. Let me share my ill-fated experiences concerning racial discrimination.I just received a fresh email from a secretary at the recruitment area in our church big office (pertaining to Southeast Asia)These information from the website are very important. For Language qualification: English (mother tongue) required, this refers to applicant coming from English speaking countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, England, etc.
Another incidents, an English Language Institute in Ukraine,owned by our church rebuffed my application because I'm not an American nor coming from the English speaking countries. That rejection was done through a long distance phone call right after the questioning of my nationality, school, & my accent.Whew, why the Lord didn't make English as one language globally so as my voice, pronunciation accentuated like of those American or British twang?
One hurtful experienced occurred too was when I received another long phone call coming from USA initiated phone interview because of the application I sent in Japan for a missionary teaching job. Hence, I was asked to obtain a driver's license which is one of the requirements needed.
After all those refined & a little assuring conversation, I raised a question concerning the possibilities & chances I can make to get the job, straightly frank as the answered was a big NO, its because again they needed American by particular.
I told the person, what's the use of calling me & forcing me to secure a driver's license in a quickest possible time,yet, they won't accept me? I'd really say, "Putang Ina". I never cared of the Celestial Being would hate me of saying " Putang Ina ,talaga" That's how I felt right now, I'm outrageously angry.
Got this message online:
Your future isn’t fixed, but it is shaped – by events and experiences, in this life and any past lives. For example, early emotional wounding or traumatic experiences, even if barely remembered, can leave ‘triggers’ that activate to cause repetitive patterns of negativity. Negativity in one person attracts negativity in others, damaging both personal and professional relationships.

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