By Eric - 4:58 AM

"It's the clothes that makes the man"..that was the dialogue of a woman in the movie Casino Royale James Bond movie 1969 original.
I was trying to understand this saying,with so much ground to dig out.Does it sounds,Don't Judge the Book by its Cover? I think it does.
A man can be what he is and be known by what he dresses...How important really is what we wear? Do we need to hide behind our clothes so that we can't be recognized who we are?
Speaking of James Bond movies...I am a true fanatic. Not mentioning of the gadgets he uses and action which made him so different from the other agent character, of course the Bond girls.
Aside of the new James Bond his movies, I watched the first James Bond film way back in the late 50's.Wow, how old that movie was.
I just want to post some of his old posters which I'd seen before and watched it again that somehow you might get some idea about the old old 007.

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