By Eric - 8:11 AM

Huh! long holy week vacation's over, it's over for a vacationers-except me. Except for a jobless, unemployed like me, - us. Sounds very pathetic and hopeless isn't it? Unemployed in the midst of the global crisis is a worthless & unmeritorious citizen. What can I do? I was born poor, unfortunate, ill-fated college graduate.
Living in a barren corrupted country slowly enfeeble my hopes as I am counting the days everyday. Sometimes, my inclinations to worry unduly executed me as if it grips my neck tightly and leave me breathless.
Occasionally, I ask myself f God has abandoned me completely. I have never been so lucky since my life is always paired with regrettable inauspicious living, comparing to other like my cousins, friends, acquiantances, and even classmates back both in high school and college.
Considering overfed with food and dreams but undernourished materially. Undernourished all the answers being asked in life.
I am honestly starving of the answers I needed, why I'm always left situated at the end-most? Why can't I be preceding all others in order? Why can't I be succeeded just like them? Life seems to be unfair and unpromising in terms of thing conducive to happiness.
My holy week vacation wasn't favorable & fertile as I expected to happen. Not just because I wasn't gratified & felicitously happy meeting with my cousins, except for the fact that my intellectual ability is boggling with doubt questions instead of resting it from the puzzling enigmatic life. I left my rented place for a short vacation monetarily emptied so as I came back still empty handed. What a wasted nonsense life! Don't you think it is?
Aside from the crucial hot weather that caused ny head aching, thinking hardly about my future is among the ultimate problems form a mental picture in mind. The lack of sleep, food, and money has been excruciatingly tough. Adding to that, the global economic meltdown, less jobs offer in the country is an alarming scenario that shakens me, resulting (to) the weakens of my spiritual badly.
Honestly, I'm lonely, sad, angry, hopeless and crying everyday. Throughout the lent days, harboring myself by watching movies was the last opt I did just to ease the pain and head-aches.
Temporarily, it diverted my mind somewhere else nonetheless, it didn't cure absolutely.
Below are the posters of the films I had watched just this lent days. I thank my cousin Rose and her husband Richard for lending me those movies thru out the week. If you haven't watched them, please try to. Some, may old films already but still worth to watch.

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