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Summer is a perfect season for a backpacking adventure, visiting to different places in the country is an ideal travel tip to escape the hustle & bustle of the city. if it's summer here in the Philippines, truly the heat is scorching, that something to expect.
Since it's summer here, the sun is calling out once again, signaling us with a warm of dark tans, calming sunsets, warm wind that touches your cheeks. As a provincial starve vacationer, Siquijor is one of the top 5's I recommended since I was born there & spent some of my early innocent days. It's the home province of my mother which an uncharted territory in the central Visayas. Because of its urban legend "sorcery", the more the exciting your travel fancy that surely thrilled your heart.
Siquijor is the smallest island among the 3 biggies in Central Visayas (Cebu, Bohol, Negros) but the most peaceful, laid-back and inexpensive. At the same time, Siqquijor invokes a sense of adventure and exploration.
One thing that you can't do in the city is stargazing, the sky is so clear that you can visibly see millions of stars at night.Fireflies lighted the trees are the usual enchanting background that you can pictorially see some.
You can honestly demand your privacy there if you want to which is very hard to get nowadays. Siquijor is a place with no traffic, no pollution, far from the nuisance of the metropolitan, fresh air, and no beggars to say the least.
Progress there has been so slow, there's no mall, movie houses and no fast food chain but there's a lot of stores and restaurants around (the)towns.
Blogger friends such as Ferdz and Oggie are amongst the Manilenyo backpackers who just visited and uncovered the mystery of the island. Their cameras will tell you how tempting Siquijor is for an escapade of the cosmopolitans intrigue and an urgency stressful works in the city.
Pictures below are the snapshots of evidences the hush and the serenity setting of Siquijor. I don't want to go on more elaborately, bragging the island but hoping the pictures below would do the talking more.
Thanks to Ferdz and Oggie for these breathtaking shots they took about the island of Fire.

(pictures courtesy of

(pictures courtesy of

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