By Eric - 8:44 PM

Sometimes life is merciless and unjust.Do you agree? Life is unfair that sometimes its cheating us all the way out. When problems in the world can offer have stumbled over us we cried out and ask,is this what we call "Life is Beautiful" when you suffer (from) pain and inadequacy?
I may sound a melodramatist but what am I saying is, the reality that you'll see around you can speak. Not only the environment that would bring attestation on that,even ourselves can speak to that.
It's unreasonable to view the four sides of life without spotting any holes of adversaries,isn't it?
Nonetheless,I have been an emotive person since the door of reality and events comes with the totality of veracity.
Describing my emotions right now is in the wry of rage and envious,prophesying how obscure my life would be. Have been falling down,dissatisfied and was defeated from my endeavors a hundred times, was a ruthless but an unfair,life.
Questioning the proportions of life is beyond what you can fully understand the true essence of life a man can have.
Looking my classmates and friends back in high school,how successfully they are abroad and happily enjoying the lives they have chosen. What about me? what I'm gonna do? Would I still have the happiness and success in life in the latter part or none at all?

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