By Eric - 12:38 AM

Was disconnected online for a quite sometimes.....hmmm..life's seems to be so hard this time,honestly.
I'm always in the eavesdrop about the election in USA....listening who's gonna win.At last the moment had just come and the winner was announced,Barack Obama as the 44th US President.
It was the first time African-American to seat in the White House leading the most powerful country in the world.My eyes was watered by tears as I watched him in the news speaking of his victory in front of his supporters.
I have been reading stories about segregation or racial discrimination since then,especially about the black slavery in the US.The story that truly touched my heart was the story of Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat to make room for the white passenger.She was imprisoned for not obeying the bus driver order and segregation law of the Montgomery City code.
Well,that's history and another history made by an inspired man who's giving hopes to those minorities in America.If I were to chose..I'd rather cast my vote to Obama.
I think it's time for America to give chance to the black to lead out USA..it has been always the white on the White House seat since Christopher Colombus.
The world is also celebrating the victory of Obama so as the Philippines.I also admire McCain for accepting his loss in the election and even begging his supporters to support Obama as the next President.
I just wish that Filipinos would learn something from the election in US not just on killing,cheating,demonstration against the opponents,etc.Well,the black Americans and the rest of the minorities in USA are rejoicing and equally be accepted as one.
My prayer and hope that one day Obama would fulfill his promise for the sake of the Americans and the minorities.

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