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Working and keeping occupied is one way of escaping boredom...I've been an idle (for) nearly 3 weeks because (of) I'm getting tired of my life teaching the Koreans with a customary or regular course of procedure routinely(everyday).
I really have no options its because that's the biggest way of getting big money in the quickest time,which is in line to my course.
Because boredom kept attacking me,I decided to quit for a while and stop whinning about teaching Koreans...I refused to teach in a formal school so as they just give you a meager salary after all those enclosure or "kaltas" thing.To unwind,resting for a while and enjoying myself as jobless was the first thing that I did and watching fave movies of course.
My closefriend Jackson Daguio had sent me his downloaded movies through bluetooth which I saved (them) in my cell phone.
The movies were "Remember the Titans" and "Blood Diamond"

Starred by Denzel Washington,he is memorable in Remember the Titans because of the demeanor as a football team coach during the times of racial tension between the Black and the White.I was inspired by this movie,viewing how Denzel pushed so hard the power of acceptance regardless of the color of your skin as long as you are in the same team you are all equal.Even in the early 70's,black were having a hard time of jiving the society where the majority is white.The movie was based in a true story.

The film tells the story of Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), a fisherman who is enslaved to mine for blood diamonds. He finds a large one, which he hides before being captured. In jail he meets Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio), a mercenary who smuggles diamonds. They escape and go to the warzone to retrieve the diamond. On the way they are joined by Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connely). The rest is an action movie with characters on the run in a conflict ridden paradise.

The movie were satisfying,specially "Remember the Titans".It reminds me of how the black Americans were being deprived of having the equal opportunity with the white.Nearly 3 weeks of being idle was enjoying after all,at least I got my body firm from a long sleeps without rushing and thinking of works.

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