By Eric - 7:26 PM

There's nothing much to update this time in my blog...same routine and usual errand.Well,life is a bit boring these weeks as in monotonous days have stricken my life that tempted me to quit my tutorial job.
Sometimes when you get bored, everything went down asking yourself while facing the mirror.Tiredness,loneliness starting to envelope your heart as if the world is already hopeless and no chances to grow and improve from the old ways of life.
I usually,spend time browsing the net and leisurely entertain my weary heart from the boredoms of life.Checking the pictures and wallpapers of nature was the best remedies I recommended for a loner type personality just like me.
The picture below removes the aches that excruciatingly hurting my heart...staring at it, cools down the heavy load that you carry everyday.

Springtime is seen as a time growth,renewal,new life being born, and the recycle of life..the picture can attest itself silently.
When you look up into the blue sky you will find a great big smile through the clouds.Smiles are what fill us with delight and bring us back to our good old days.I can feel it in the air like a new and shivering flower that is growing.
I can see a lark in the morning like saying hello to me.I can hear it in the wind like a warm and tender greeting from an old friend.
I can feel it in my heart like a pure and sparkling mountain stream cascading.The trails of God's creation speaks directly to the heart that no matter how hopeless the world is,you just look up and you won't get bored.His nature charms the boredom of life...

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