By Eric - 8:27 PM

Life is beautiful....the wonderful sun rises,a new day bursts with loving family,cheerful friends,don't they make life Beautiful? Amidst of the crisis,wars,corruption and chaos happening around..still life is beautiful.
What an amazing life we have,seeing mountains,hills,and seas free from sorrows and miseries,in a world full of mysteries.
Watching the kids playing and laughing around makes the world go round and merry,isn't it?
After all,we are living in the world filled with beauties,God created them for us to appreciate life....may it be good or bad we still have to appreciate life as it is.
Let me tell you about Life through the pictures posted down...let them do the talking..

No matter how are we going to shield ourselves from the ugliness of reality,still God makes our life Beautiful.
No one knows why we were brought to life and why how it is became to be.
Its a question everyone asks One another.
Life is like a biotech as most people say as I would too.
It has its ups and downs.
You may like your life at one moment and hated it next.
You have to live life as it was given to you and Live it as he gave it to you.
Don't try and change the future or the past that's something that you can't choose.
Life is to learn how to deal with it.

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