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The world is widely looking to an American water bullet phenomenon Michael Phelps.Before he became magnificent in an Olympic history,Michael Phelps threw screaming fit terrified of putting his face in the water accordingly.From great things start from small beginnings,he swam to ties Olympic record holder Mark Spitz.
Phelps is the greatest swimmer of all time and the greatest Olympian of all time.In the sport of swimming,he's the talk of the town and the center of the Water Cube were world's media glued on him.

"At 15 he became the youngest person to hold a world record and also the youngest male in 68 years to be selected for the US Olympic Swimming team.Extraordinary in the water,Phelps has an ordinary boy-next-door persona outside the pool.He does nothing to hide his affection for his mother,Debbie who follows him all his meets.He loves hip-hop music,video games and watches DVD's endlessly while relaxing between races.He has a gigantic appetite,eating industrial quantities of food to fuel his exertions and relishes the company of friends."-Reuters

Eight gold medals in eight events and seven world swimming records made him to be a god in Olympia.


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