By Eric - 6:10 AM

Despite of the rallies and group of lefties gathering around Beijing shouting against the Summer Olympics...still the show must go on.
The parade was filled with different luminous colors wore by athletes from different countries.Just like the usual and traditional formal attire,this time the transformation of athletes costume had turned out to be fashionable and colorful..down to surfing board,from leather shoes to sandals.

The Spanish women's bright yellow jackets matched their enthusiam.

The Spanish men stood out in glowing red suits and matching shoes.

The Germans were also decked out in grey and white. The water polo accessories were unofficial.

Team Great Britain arguably had the best uniforms of the night: simple navy suits with white jackets and matching belts

Team USA looked dapper in their navy Ralph Lauren sportcoats and white berets.

The Swiss channeled a skateboarder look.

The Georgian delegation kept cool in all white.

Team Netherlands' orange ties popped against their grey suits.

Philippines' Olympic team follow their national flag-bearer Manny Pacquiao during the opening ceremony...of course the simplest and smallest team...our very own.

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