By Eric - 5:06 AM

Was there a point in your life when you felt so tired and were ready to give up on life? Or have you felt that you were a victim of frustration and fate seems to be unkind?
Have you felt at times in your life that you were just going around in the cycles ,nowhere to go?
In life's journey, we sometimes find ourselves in the middle of despair and lost in a barren wilderness of frustrations.Just last month,fears and anxiety had made me restless and caused my insomnia to attack me every night up to now.
As I look the fast changes of this world,worrying for the future brought so much trouble in mind as if tomorrow is the end of the world.Searching for a better future or stable job is the impossibility of the possible.
I always dreaming of getting out the country just to try my luck...since the grass is more greener on the other side.
My job doesn't give me satisfaction financially especially that I am getting on in years.As I always begging the good Lord to open the door of opportunities abroad,He answered my humble request unknowing that it wasn't really the perfect answer given by God but a sort of trials to test my patience.
A petition letter from USA had just arrived unexpectedly for a missionary call,but to my excitement everything went in vain because of the financial scarcity I had then.
Doubt questions popped out and asking the Lord so many Why's...
I was disappointed and spiritually drought that apathy started to grow in my heart.For a couple of days of refusing to talk to the Lord,I gave in and offered a peace offering for the Lord.
Just realized that God invites me to stop for a while and be still and silent before Him over my dreams of going to US.Indeed, sometimes God emptied my pockets so He can fill my hearts of love.
Now,I don't let the noise of my dreams drown the voice of God.

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