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Just saw these ads in the net and some of the articles being printed about the nude ads posted along the high ways...Even in the Philippines,Bench has been copying Calvin Klein as the most vulgar ads in terms of advertising its undies they need to post nude males/female models just to attract their buyers to buy?

Advertising surrounds our students and kids; advertising is unavoidable. Before the school day begins, adolescents encounter numerous forms of advertising. Whether it is on the radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines, TV, or online, students need to be aware of what they are subjected to. We live in a consumer culture and adolescents are very much a part of that culture. In fact, a large number of adolescents have a disposable income since they are still living at home and being supported by their parents. It is extremely critical that we teach adolescents to critically analyze advertising since they are at an impressionable age and are at the heart of developing their individual identities. As teachers, we want to inculcate into our students the importance of thinking critically about the world around them and to adopt ideologies based on their own personal beliefs, values, and attitudes. Today’s adolescents need to develop their own ideologies rather than the advertisement industry telling our adolescents who they ought to be.

Adolescents must understand how to be critical analyzers of advertising and also understand the process and strategy that the advertising industry assumes. The ability to critically analyze advertisements allows adolescents to place advertisements within a particular context and culture. Rather than allowing advertisements to position adolescents as particular audiences, adolescents, engaged in critical analysis of advertisements, will be able to take a step back, distance themselves, and objectively partake in advertisement viewing. Part of learning to critically analyze advertising is learning about the advertisement itself and also the context in which the audience responds to the advertisement

Does Calvin Klein sold us sex eroticism?

What does this billboard say about youg adults?
Do you see adolescents portrayed here?
Can you identify with this image?
What is the purpose of this image?

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