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My dictionary defines Education " The process of educating".How important education is, that our parents strongly encouraging us to study harder and evenly to come the end in college?
We used to hear repeatedly from this cliche's " Education is the only wealth and possessions that our parents can possibly give". That I boldly agreed.
At my age now, I certainly knew how education having much significance or value in this industrialized world, specially on searching a job.
Being impecunious doesn't an obstruction enable for us to obtain education.To brazen it out, my parents had never gone to secondary level,especially my father whom just finished on 3rd grade while my mother an elementary grad...but I'm proud of them.Their time was far deeper from the generations of today, so consideration is legally regarded as conventional and favorable.
Modesty aside, I got two complete series of studies which I considerably a great blessings from above.The first one was taken by chance because of the scholarship I got from DAR-BFAR.I won't forget the 3 joyful long years of my study from my first course which gave me the full length of familiarization of my father's parentage, Cebu.
On the contrary, that course had never been an efficacious to get me a better job in line for it.Yet, I ended up as a factory worker;production staff and canteen dish washer which had thought me profoundly why do suffer myself of working as dishwasher thus I'm a college graduate?
Looking back the 90's, my life as a Fishery graduate eventually circulated for five years working as Factory Worker,going out - going in and happily receiving the salary you deserved.Contentment didn't unkindly render fulfillment of my needs and wants to remain factory worker forever,but, foreglimpse and dream big.I frustratedly feel stagnated and try to search the better store.
Hence, I thanks God and my family for pushing my back to finish my Diploma in Fishery Technology.The learnings I got from Fishery school is a big of help in contributing our aquatic resources preservation.
Going back to school was way far from my plan nor inclining of making a single step.Yet, God reveals His marvelous scheme and sent me to college once more.Honest to goodness, teaching marked unwillingness,thus,I just graduated reluctantly because it's set against my fond hope.Nevertheless,God uses people to sustain my studies monetarily.
As newly grad, competition is very tough right now,even the undergrads serves as threat of rivalry to the graduates.Both were starving vultures of today...and the country has no enough room to accomodate us.
Where else we will go,hitting abroad is lucrative right now...which the grass is greener at the other side...Job seeking is not that easy,you got to spend a lot of money buying newspaper glimpsing the classified ads with the hope there is something vacant job that qualifies us.Hitting the ground with that excruciating heat doesn't hinder us to be jobseeker.
Worrying where to go and what to do after graduation was the normal feelings of the newly grad.Would you imagine living in this country that never gives any guarantee for our future....what would happen to us newly grad and here comes millions of out of school youth trying to survive the dying country.
The world has a lot to offer,its vast space provides enough room but corruptible citizens were among the predators....staying on our way especially those who are sitting in the highest position.
yet, if we'll do our best ignoring those who try to put us down, the crab mentality thing...we will be succeeded.
To us may not be always a bed of roses but it can be possibly true if we'll use the education that we have learned from school, from our admiring Professors.
Life after graduation is, honestly hard comparing when you are holding your pens and papers.But is there such a stable job? I really don't know, specially in this country....thus our togas,and caps symbolizes that we made it from the stressful school works

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