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April 1 was the most memorable event for the batch 2006-07 of the Adventist University of the Philippine graduates.
Well, as you all know I was one of the batch of 2007 who just tearfully graduated..last 1 of April.
Empyrean..was the batch theme.It was a good friend of mine Luis Mafnas theologian graduate who came up with the idea of EMPYREAN.Being completely astounded, I thought it was just letters that are put together to make it EMPYREAN.That stirred up my curiosity to look for the definition.Engagely preoccupied for the evening graduation, my desire to search for the meaning had passed into oblivion till it was patiently described by Neil our batch artist.
The EMPYREAN define to be "Cut out from a finer canvass, tailored for success. or a Heavenly sublime." what a satisfactory theme and the meaning of a word.
Before the graduation nite, was our last banquet in the school as mere students.Everyone was on their Imeldific wardrobe or suits. I wore the floral sleeve doubled with a chinese coat to make it gallantry and stateliness. Gee, the food served was not that tasty as we're expected to be.
On the graduation itself was simply pompo, because its practically held at the soccer field.In the graduation day,Four o'clock in the afternoon in Filipino time was the start of the program.It was still hot and the area was brightly decorated with the excruciating sun rays.Sweatier as we were with our toga on and newly purchased clothes for the occasion was slightly wet.I could not fully imagine the feelings, it was mixed emotions.The feeling was like you we're in the cloud 9 being taken up high blissfully because of the hardships and painstakingly plight we have had as we tried to flash back those happy school days.
Honestly, that graduation day was a lonely part for me as well....no cameras taken to serve as my memorabilia (that's how poor I am)no money, no new clothes,no food preparation,no parents attended...within the graduation week were full with solitude and lonesome as I describe it...I dont have any single shot that I could simply present to my parent and to my kind benefactors as as living proof that I have succeeded at last.
I tried to look around during the grandeur night if somebody who had just gracefully cry and so I could secretly go with it too....I wanted to cry that graduation coz of the indescribable feeling..though...its my second course but then God did not forsaken me within those 3 years in AUP
Group of cousins and a kind Aunt who made it to attend my graduation were among of the thousands of people who came by at the graduation day..After all, I still shout for joy the heavenly happiness I felt to the Lord for being with me and to the rest of my batch who have had survived and made it to the finish line.
Lord......my dear Father...a million thanks to you.......you already knew how I ecstatic I was and you have seen my heart dancing piously praising your holy Name.Sorry guys...I have no pictures to post for this entry....I have no cameras.....poor me.
Secondly, thanks to my benefactors who extended their hands monetarily just helping me to study and the never ending prayers.....thank you though I have not seen some of you personally but from the bottom of my heart....thank you and thank you.
To parents,love you very much...and I knew that you are proud of me....thanks for kneeling always begging to the Lord for my future security.
Fourth, to my friends in school and outside school..for the warm palships...love you guys and I won't certainly forget you.
My Small group...1000 Missionary Student Ministry AUP chapter......thank you always and miss you guys..keep on serving the Lord till He comes.
My Professors....in the College of Education, English Dept., COllege of Theology...for the spiritual nourishment you made in order for me to grow matured enough to face this lonely world.I promised with the assistance of God , I will be a good teacher.
Of course, My Father in heaven..who is always there,guiding me,protecting me,loving me....what else can I say.....such a perfect Father.Lord, love you very much with all my heart and soul and strength.I won't be here in this beautiful world of yours without your magnificient plan of letting me to live and see the beauty of your holiness thru your creations.I may not be that good son of yours but I always wrestling and striving to be one......forgive me....and I LOVE YOU.
Haaayyyy, these are the words that I need to express cordially.....good thing that the idea of having blog is a big of help to write down all your innermost thought.

Wanna know the EMPYREAN Creed ? herewith is the motto and our creed;

by Jackson Daguio

We came...
With empty cup in one handAnd dreams clutched at the other.

Like a little tot tittering at its first steps
We entered a world divine yet unknown.....

He blessed.....

With His heart that guided us unwaveringly

As that of a mother and a father yoked into one

All poured forth for a dear son,

We defied the goliaths and the Dragons of our vision!

We conquered..
With our feeble brains we conquered!
With our frail conquering might we conquered!

NO more fetters for ignorance hath passed!
But glorious ight hath conquered with His pierced feet and hands!

We are with Him noblest of all
We shall be with Him forevermore!

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