By Eric - 8:40 PM

The rest of the day was dull & uptightly hot.It's not that I hate summer but as a legally-bald, summer heat irk you to hide at home, instead of enjoying the outdoor activities.
As newly graduate, emotions of desentisize & downhearted were normally the generalized feelings that you have the moment you will be discardedly rejected for a job you wish to get.
Honestly, that's how I felt today.Bitterness,discouragement, etc. were the usual unfavorably adjectives a man has to bore deeply in his heart.I can't help but to question God and myself...'Am I not qualified enough to obtain the job? what's in them (other applicants) that I don't have?
Among of the thousand students in AUP, I was one of the lucky students who were selected to apply the most sought job for an SDA christian like me, to work as Literature Evangelist in Texas,USA.(take not USA)
I accidentally met one of the chosen applicants on the way who just stately showed to me the invitation letter from Texas, as a living proof that they are worth accepted to work in USA.
As a lone dreamer, going to a country that flows with milk and honey was my childhood tenacious desire.God can attest providencially how I crave earnestly to see America.Job offer specifically from US is a frequent of circumstances favorable by a Filipino which of hardly procure in his life.
Ironically, here comes that apparent employment right before your damn face, yet, isn't bound fately meant for you.
Upon learning that I wasn't accepted, I texted Mr. Ruddy Vivanco(a Cuban guy who recruited us)asking him in what areas did I failed and this was what he replied,"It is not a matter of failure bro when you have 50 people in a quote for 20 some have to get in some out.That's the result of prayers,keep praying God indeed has something better for you.Sorry" what a text isn't it...
Have I not prayed for it? "Am I not asking earnestly to God to grant it for me? Does my motive to see America & work there as missionary caused me to fail?
One thing more that added deplorable pain in my heart was when my Dean drove me out of the review class (for LET) to sit in because I am penniless to pay for the review, so I voluntarily step out instead to avoid disgrace.
Gee, it was truly a bad day for me as in unlucky, ample for me to cry out in shout that I am so much battered.Signs of obscure vignette of tomorrow for me.huh!
Are these the price I got after my 3 long years of studying just to earn a degree? I don't think so.
Concerning to this plight,surely enough, God reserved the best job for me,which He had proven a million times claiming His promised in Hebrew 13:5-"I will never Leave you nor forsaken you".That strong promise has miraculously shown His wonderful indications once that I need not to be discouraged.
Nevertheless, at least something had credibly happened last week by chance.I was called by a certain language Center for an interview and to get an exam.As far as I can remember, I had given my best to both,yet, can't prophesied the assurance of my passing.Needless to say, I have the edge & advance potential rather to my fellow applicant due to my missionary background.Again, can't surely foretell if my missionary antecedents would be my one way ticket to get the job.Just keep my fingers crossed tightly to that and of course the best propeller of all....time to bend my knees.
All of those unfately thing without apparent cause were just coarse mountain that I need to climb seriously to tell the world shamelessly that God has a positive guarantee to insure against my loss.
Kudos to Sir Tumolva,Bro Amadie, Ramil, Love & to the rest who made it for the applying.Praying that you won't be blockade by your inner drive,yet,unhesitatingly continuing till you make it to the US Embassy.The moment you make it in US Embassy successfully, chances are it would be easier for you to fly directly to Texas.....thats my prayers for you guys.

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